Alder – Navigators

Teacher: Mr Vokes

Curriculum Overview

Teaching and learning in the Alder (Year 6) Class at Swanton Morley VC Primary School follows the National Curriculum programme of study for Key Stage 2. Further information about the National Curriculum in Key Stage 2 can be found on the Department for Education website.

The majority of subject learning in Alder Class is taught in cross-curricular themes through our ‘Learning Means The World’ curriculum’ (LMTW).  Year six are follow the ‘Navigators 2.1’ pathway through the 4Cs that this globally-focused curriculum is built around, the key themes being: Conflict, Communication, Culture and Conservation.  Click on the link below to find out what Alder Class will be studying this year:

Learning Means the World themes for Alder Class 2023/2024

The ‘what I should know’ (WHISK) sheets for each of this year’s ‘Learning Means The World’ themes for Y6 are listed below.  Each of the below links contain a PDF overview of exactly what the children will be studying in each of the themes/topics:

A World of Bright Ideas | Wars of the World | I Have a Dream | In Your Element

Global Warning | British Bulldog

Some key/core subjects, although incorporated within the breadth of this curriculum, are taught individually to ensure complete coverage of the National Curriculum.  These subjects are Maths, English, Science, Computing, Religious Education (RE), Physical education (PE) and Modern Foreign Languages (MFL).  Click on the links below to find out more about the content of the curriculum in these subjects:

Maths | EnglishScience | Computing

Religious Education | Physical Education | Modern Foreign Languages


2024 Key Stage 2 Tests (SATs)

During the course of the year Mr Vokes’ class will be preparing for their SATs in May.  The 2024 tests are highly likely to be similar in their format to those taken in 2023, although changes can never be ruled out!  As before, children will be awarded scaled scores where 100 is an indication that children have reached the expected standard. You will receive your child’s scaled score and an indication of how it relates to national standards across all schools in England and Wales.  Writing attainment will graded based on my teacher assessments during the course of the year – it is not a subject that is tested.

All the tests (Maths, Reading and Grammar Punctuation and Spelling) will take place during the week beginning Monday 13th May 2024.

Test Timetable

Monday 13th May – Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (Papers 1 & 2)

Tuesday 14th May – Reading

Wednesday 15th May – Maths (Papers 1 & 2)

Thursday 16th May – Maths (Paper 3)


Trips and Visits 2023-2024

In the summer term Alder Class spend a week away camping and taking part in a wide range of outdoor adventure activities at the Hautbois Activities Centre near Coltishall.  In 2024 this will take place between Monday 1st July to Friday 5th July.


Timetables, Homework & Equipment 2023-2024

Below are PDF files giving the class timetable and information about homework.

Y6 Timetable Y6 Homework
Y6 Homework Challenges Y6 Equipment

Please note:

Homework challenges are optional in Year 6, and will be sent home in September.  They are to be completed during the course of the year towards either a bronze, silver or gold award (work assessed in July 2024).

Useful Study Links

‘War of the Worlds’ Autumn Term topic theme:

Wall Street Crash 1929

News in a Nutshell 1935

The Great Crusade 1936

News in a Nutshell 1936

News in a Nutshell (Sport) 1936

News in a Nutshell 1937

Peace In Our Time 1938

Chamberlain Broadcast – Declaration of War

Invasion of Poland