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Read Write Inc. Phonics

The Government strongly recommend the use of systematic, synthetic phonics programmes when teaching early literacy skills to children. Synthetic phonics is simply the ability to convert a letter or group of letters into sounds that are then blended together into a word.

RWI is a method of learning used to aid children in their reading and writing. Here at Swanton Morley Primary School, we are using the Read Write Inc (RWI) programme to get children off to a flying start with learning to read.

Children begin this scheme in foundation stage and progress throughout Key Stage 1. The children are assessed regularly and grouped according to their ability. They will work with a RWI trained teacher or teaching assistant. They will read books closely linked to the sounds they have been learning. Children who find reading more challenging continue to have support in small groups or on an individual basis

Reading opens the door to learning. Children who read a lot become good readers and good readers will be able to read more challenging material. A child who can read more challenging material is a child who will learn. The more a child learns, the more he or she will want to find out.


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