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The Department for Education – please see department for Education website to see what they do with your data.

The Department of Health (DH) uses aggregate information (at school year group level) about pupils’ height and weight for research and statistical purposes, to inform, influence and improve health policy and to monitor the performance of the health service as a whole. The DH will base performance management discussions with Strategic Health Authorities. The Department of Health will also provide aggregate PCT level data to the Healthcare Commission for performance assessment of the health service.

Ofsted uses information about the progress and performance of pupils to help inspectors evaluate the work of schools, to assist schools in their selfevaluation, and as part of their assessment of the effectiveness of education initiatives and policy. Ofsted also uses information about the views of children and young people, to inform children’s services inspections in local authority areas. Inspection reports do not identify individual pupils. DfE will also provide Ofsted with pupil data for use in school inspection. Where relevant, pupil information may also be shared with post-16 learning institutions to minimise the administrative burden on application for a course and to aid the preparation of learning plans.

Primary Care Trusts (PCT) use information about pupils for research and statistical purposes, to monitor the performance of local health services and to evaluate and develop them. The statistics are used in such a way that individual pupils cannot be identified from them. Information on the height and weight of individual pupils may however be provided to the child and its parents and this will require the PCTs to maintain details of pupils’ names for this purpose for a period designated by the Department of Health following the weighing and measuring process. PCTs may also provide individual schools and LAs with aggregate information on pupils’ height and weight.

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The Learning Records Service – The learning Records Service is designed to support learners at all levels to access, manage and use their own achievement information – such as qualifications, awards or training received as they progress through education, training and lifelong learning. The Learning Records Service, part of Information Management (IM) Services, provides shared services across the education sector. The Learning Records Service is built on the principle of collect once, use many times and used by all that are entitled to do so. It supports the whole of the education sector.