Think of the people who work in a school and your first thought will probably be teachers. Teachers of course play a vital and central role in a child’s learning but they do not work in a vacuum. A successful school relies on a network of adults all working together for the good of the children… The caretaker and the cleaners keep the buildings safe and clean, kitchen staff prepare healthy lunches and snacks every day, midday supervisors care for children at lunchtimes, teaching assistants provide extra support both in and out of the classroom, the secretary and office staff keep everything running smoothly and lastly, let us not forget the volunteers, the parents, governors and friends of the school. It is plain to see just how many people contribute to the success and well being of our school!


Mr M. Richards (member of SLT)

Assistant Headteacher

Mr P. Vokes (member of SLT)

Special Educational Needs Coordinator

Mrs S. Hurn (member of SLT)

School Support Manager & Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs S. Day (member of SLT)

Class Teachers

Mrs Barnes (Reception, member of SLT)
Mrs Kerrison and Mrs Haynes (Year 1)
Mrs Wright and Mrs O’Dell (Year 2)
Miss Vincent (Year 3)
Mrs Hurn (Year 4)
Mrs Madeley (Year 5)
Mr Vokes (Year 6)

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Z. Davies (Reception)

Mrs J. Allinson (Reception)

Mrs L. Hogan (Year 1)

Mrs K. Muncer (Year 1)

Mrs K. Aston (Year 2)

Mrs T. Fleming (Year 3)

Mrs L. Quick-Evans (Year 3 & Year 5)

Mrs M Riches (Reception)

Mrs S. Sadler (Year 4)

Miss L Hewitt (Year 5)

Mrs J. Wilton (Year 6 & HLTA)


   Mrs H. Brandwood (Music)

   Mrs B. Bushby (Swimming)

Wrap Around Care

   Mrs J. Allinson

   Mrs E. Restall

Site Manager

   Mr A. Haynes


Mrs D Lambie, Mrs H Cutting, Mrs M Riches, Mrs E. Restall, Miss L. Hewitt


Mrs H Cutting, Miss L Hewitt, Mrs S Sell