School Data

Currently the most recent published data is that recorded for the 2015/2016 academic year.  Validated data for 2016/2017 will be released later in the autumn term and will be published on this page.

2016 Results Summary 

EYFS Outcomes

EYFS outcomes


Year 1 Phonics Outcomes

Y1 Phonics outcomes


Key Stage 1 (Year 2) Outcomes

New 2016 measures – all based on teacher assessment

KS1 outcomes


Key Stage 2 (Year 6) Outcomes

New 2016 measures

Reading, GPS and Maths tested/Writing by teacher assessment

KS2 outcomes


Pupil Premium/Service Premium Outcomes for KS2

National comparison data not yet available for Pupil Premium or Service Premium, though outcomes in all areas match or exceed the national performance of all children.

Pupil Premium