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Changes to morning arrivals

From 30th October all children will be expected to go straight to their classrooms when they arrive at school.  The gates will open at 08:40 and close at 09:00.  Registration is at 08:55 and all children must have arrived in class by this time.

These arrangements will remain in place through the rest of the autumn and the whole of the spring terms.  After the Easter break, when the weather has improved, we will return to the previous system.


  • Gates open at 08:40
  • No children should arrive at school before 08:40
  • Between 08:40 and 08:55 children should go straight to class on their own (no parents in school please)
  • All children must be in class by 08:55
  • Gates close at 09:00
  • Any arrivals after 09:00 will be recorded as ‘late’ in the register

Below is a link to a copy of the letter sent home on Wednesday 18th October outlining the above changes in greater detail.