Coronavirus Update 4.9.20

Final plans for a 7th September restart have been emailed out to parents/carers. Any questions can be emailed through to the office email address.

Coronavirus Update 16.7.20

All plans for a September restart have been emailed to parents. If you require any further information please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Coronavirus Update 2.6.20

School is open for Reception, Y1 and Y6 pupils, as well as children of Key Workers. All information and plans have been emailed home to parents, but if you need any more details please contact the school office.

Coronavirus Update 20.4.20

School remains open for children of key workers and bookings should be made by contacting the school office.


The Netball team won all of their 9 games at the tournament yesterday and are through to the County finals in June!

A huge congratulations to the team and thank you to Miss Vincent for her expert training!

Changes to morning arrivals

From 30th October all children will be expected to go straight to their classrooms when they arrive at school.  The gates will open at 08:40 and close at 09:00.  Registration is at 08:55 and all children must have arrived in class by this time.

These arrangements will remain in place through the rest of the autumn and the whole of the spring terms.  After the Easter break, when the weather has improved, we will return to the previous system.


  • Gates open at 08:40
  • No children should arrive at school before 08:40
  • Between 08:40 and 08:55 children should go straight to class on their own (no parents in school please)
  • All children must be in class by 08:55
  • Gates close at 09:00
  • Any arrivals after 09:00 will be recorded as ‘late’ in the register

Below is a link to a copy of the letter sent home on Wednesday 18th October outlining the above changes in greater detail.


World Book Day

This year’s ‘Book Day’ was a great success.  Besides being great fun, the children immersed themselves in books and reading for the day and the school raised nearly £150 to kick-off the school’s fund-raising campaign to refresh and improve the range of fiction books in the library.  The children (and staff) looked absolutely splendid dressed as their favourite book characters.  Never has such a diverse range of fictional characters all been in the same place at once.  It appeared that everyone was represented, from Artemis Fowl to Willy Wonka… although no one ever did find Wally!

A big thanks should go to all the parents who put such an impressive amount of effort into the children’s costumes, and for the generous donations made to the book fund.

Goblin Race Series – The Results!

Between the 10th and 14th July a three-race series took place between the year six Goblin Racers of the ‘Dragonites’ and ‘Fast and Furious 10’ teams.  The teams have worked on their cars for over a month in preparation for this big event and there would be no-holds-barred with fierce competition expected.

Race 1 – Endurance 

Rules: One hour to complete as many laps as possible.  All drivers to be used.  Maximum of five laps per driver in one stint at the wheel.

The Dragonites got off to a flying start and by the quarter way mark had opened up a four laps lead over the Fast and furious 10.  By half-way, the gap was increasing with six laps separating the teams.  It appeared that the Fast and Furious car was running slower and the team were having problems making swift driver changes.  The dragonites led a faultless campaign throughout the race and at the finish had increased their lead to an unassailable eleven laps.  First blood to the dragonites!


Race 2 – Time Trial

Rules: Three named drivers from each team to complete five laps in the quickest possible time out on their own on the track.

This race was much closer.  The first two drivers, one from each team, completed their five laps within five seconds of each other with the Dragonites squeezing in the quicker time.  Disaster struck with the second pairing as the Dragonite steering column snapped and the car left the track leaving the fast and furious 10 to romp home with an easy win evening up the score at 1 victory a piece.  Unfortunately for the Dragonites, they could not manage to get their car repaired in time to make the last time trail leaving the Fast and furious 10 with a walk-over.  Final score 2-1 to the fast and furious 10, leaving the race series evenly poised going in to the final round.


Race 3 – Head to Head

Rules: Three pairs of drivers, nine head to head races over five laps.

With the circuit tight and overtaking awkward a good start was always going to be the key to winning.  During the racing it was indeed the driver who got the best start and the inside line into the first corner than came out the victor.  Going into the last of the races the scores were dead level and the pressure was on the last two drivers to deliver the goods.  The Fast and Furious 10 got off to the better start and lead going into the first corner and for the next three laps with the Dragonite car hot on their tail desperately trying to find somewhere to pass.  On the fourth lap a chink opened up on the inside and the Dargonites managed to squeeze through much to their opponent’s annoyance!  The last lap reained tight and went right down to the wire, but the spoils went to the Dragonites winning 5-4.


Goblin Race Series – Result

In the end it was the Dragonites who won the closely-fought three-race series by a margin of two races to one and so win the 2017 Goblin Cup.