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“The Dragonites” Goblin Racer Blog

Phase 1

Today the group assembled the chassis. First of all, we had to find the right bits to start constructing the car which went smoothly – Until, that is, we started to tighten the bolts to put the parts onto the chassis. A specific order the nuts and bolts had to be in. Despite this, we got it right in the end; we worked as a team.

Phase 2

Part two of assembling the chassis – We tightened all the bolts and put a few new parts onto the structure of the car. There was also the assembly of the steering to start. Hard work was put into this.

Phase 3

The mission today was to do two things: finish tightening the bolts, also to put in the steering. A big pole had to go in for the steering which was a challenge to get in. The designer was working hard to find a suitable logo for our team ‘Dragonites’.

Phase 4

Putting the front wheels on is what we did next. The Engineering Crew (helped by the Crew Chief and the Administration Officer) linked the wheels to the stirring.

After making the logo, the Design Team were creating a number plate to go on the back of the car. They were trying different colours but soon settled on a black border, a white background and red letters and numbers, but on the front instead of white, it is yellow.

Phase 5

Attaching the back wheels was the Engineers next job, they also had to put the driving belt carefully on the wheel before they could put the outer wheel on. But something was wrong; it didn’t work properly… it could stop further progress – for now.

Later, the team where putting in the throttle in and the button to activate it.

Phase 6

We worked over the struggle from earlier so now all four wheels are attached. Now on the car is the brake disc, the Engineering Crew are currently putting in the brake mechanism and attaching it to the brake disc.

The designer has moved on to sorting out the car paint work. She is asking members of the Dragonites for ideas and is now working out how to include all of the to make one design. She is also designing a dragon to go on the front of the car.

Phase 7

We finally got to fit the components to the ‘motor box’ including the motor and drive pulleys.  The box was then fitted to the car and bolted down.  Lastly we fitted the drive belt and lined up the pulley wheels.  Next job is to do the wiring.

Phase 8

The wiring was finally completed and we got to test the car.  We had a few problems like a loose belt/pulley and the brake needed adjusting, but it all went well.  In fact, our car seemed to be a little bit quicker than the competition!

During the tests, different drivers were tried and times measured to see who was quickest and what the final driver order should be.  We also had a chance to practice changing drivers which is going to be really important during the race series.



Once we had the cart sorted we could turn attention to fitting the bodywork which had been painted in ‘Dragonite’ colours by the design team.  It won’t make much difference to the car’s performance, but certainly makes it look faster!

After a little more testing the driver line-up was finalised and we made a few minor adjustment to brakes, steering and tyre pressures.  We are ready to take on the first race in the ‘Goblin Series Cup’ which is the Endurance Round where the cars have to complete as many laps as possible in one hour with drivers only allowed a maximum of five paps before a change.  Everything is looking good!

Phase 10

The ‘Goblin Race Series’ – Watch this space for the results!